Money Maker Research & Investment Advisor: Stock Market Poor Opening for This Week

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Stock Market Poor Opening for This Week

In Indian rituals a weak opening may bring bad fortune, but nothing is sure when talking about the Trade Market. Although, the Indian Stock Market made a poor opening of Monday Morning Session, but the Commodity Market is still standing up to support the Indian Economy. Along with the Sensex and Nifty, the other Asian Indexes are also trading with minor loss. The Sensex is trading at 25708.45 with the loss of 129.69 points and Nifty is trading at 7863.05 with the fall of 36.25 points. The Indian Precious Metals are trading good by holding up the positive leads, but the Base Metals seems to  be dropping low. Currently, Gold is running at 29137 with the hike of 116 points and Silver is trading at 40102 with the gain of 117 points, while Crude oil is down by 51 points and struggling at 2885.

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